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How to Furnish Your Guest Room?

A guest room is a wonderful addition to have to your home because it provides a place for house guests or visiting family members. A guest room does not have to be very large and many people choose to convert an office or a den into a guest room. When choosing to furnish a guest room, you do not need to spend a lot of money, but just enough to make sure that the room is comfortable.

When furnishing a guest room, you should consider whether the room will be permanently a guest room or if you can convert the room into a guest room easily. If you need to space for an office, then you can consider purchasing a futon, instead of a full bed, so that you can prop the futon up and give yourself more space in the room without having to move large pieces of furniture around.

Here are some considerations to think about when furnishing and decorating your guest room:

* Clean Out the Room

When considering what type of furnishings your guest room should have it is important to clear out the room of any necessary furniture. After clearing out the room, you should vacuum and clean the room so that it can be measured and assessed as a blank slate.

* Consider Current Furniture

Consider any furniture that you may have on hand that would go well into a guest room. Does your oldest child need a new bed? If so, can you consider moving his or her older bed into the guest room? Do you a futon residing unused in the den? Any extra furniture that you have that you are not using can be considered for a guest room. It will help to save money because you will not have to purchase any new furniture.

* Think of Neutral Decor

When decorating a guest room, it is important that room is comfortable for whomever is going to be staying there. That being said, it should not be decorated like a kid's room, nor should it be too frilly. A neutral decor, with natural and warm colors, will ensure that any guest will feel comfortable staying there.

* Extra Storage Space

If you are expecting guests to stay in your guest room for an extended period of time, then you might consider getting some extra storage space especially for the guest room. The extra storage space can be a dresser or just some free space in the closet for empty hangers.

* Extra Linens

Extra linens, like clean sheets, towels, and other necessities should be easy for your guests to find and use. When showing them the room, you should point out where the extra linens are stored so that they do not need to ask you later.

* Extra Amenities

Extra room accessories can really help your guests feel at home. A radio or small television set can be a nice touch. A healthy indoor plant can also make the room more welcoming to your guests. Proper lighting for reading in bed and, if room permits, a nice armchair so that your guest have another place to sit, other than the bed.


Deer Antler Furniture

The majestic male deer gliding over the forests of Europe caught the imagination of aristocrats and led to the development of deer antler furniture at the beginning of the 19th century. Noble blood from the continent's various realms were no doubt fascinated by the unique 'crowns' of the imposing animals which they must have likened to the aristocracy of the animal kingdom. Thus, they actively sought or hunted them and used their unique antlers to add grandeur to castles and country estates. Back then when the regal animals were plentiful and sport hunting hasn't yet been frowned upon, having a stuffed deer head with its antlers intact was a trophy that emphasized power and privilege. As the deer population dwindled, gathering the antlers--which are naturally shed once a year before the mating season-became the practical method of acquiring the unique decorative material. Antler furniture developed from there and remained a prized fixture that signified wealth and fine taste until today.

Early Collectors

While deer antler furniture must have been crafted by ordinary hunters through the millennia, the first documented formal pieces were made in 1825 to grace the hunting castle near Wiesbaden, Germany, of Count William of Nassau. Rivaling his collection of historical antler furniture were those enshrined in the hunting room of the Archduke Johann of Austria's country estate in Brandhof. Also famous for its historical significance and aesthetic appeal is the antler furniture collection of Count Arco which is proudly on display in his palace in Munich, Germany.

Contemporary Applications

With the current environmental concerns, manufacturers of deer furniture have gone green by allowing nature to run its course-waiting for the antlers to shed and be replaced by a new one-instead of relying on the blood sport that animal and environmental activists brand as cruel and not sustainable.

The antlers that are harvested can each become a unique piece such as a chandelier that can be set over your study, living room, or dining room to provide a rustic effect. Deer antler furniture designers have also come up with elegant lamp stands that can be placed on the floor or on a side table. These antler lighting fixtures can incorporate electrical accessories or simply provide candle holders for a natural effect.

Other deer antler furniture designs utilize parts of the antlers to serve as candlestick stands and coat or cup hangers. The precious veneer can be sliced and inlaid on other pieces of furniture to create a unique texture and hunting look. Other deer furniture combines organic material from other animals to create an interesting piece. Antlers can also be paired off with carved horns from deer relatives like ibex or chamois. Equally interesting are antler furniture that incorporates wild boar tusks. The hybrid look provides layers of interesting elements for your home.

Decorating with Deer Furniture

Because of the uniqueness and relative rarity of high-grade materials, antler furniture commands a premium price. But every cent is well spent because each centerpiece is one of a kind. Needless to say, deer furniture caters to a certain style--particularly a country or rustic character. The size and shape of the pieces should also conform to the dimensions of the area where they will be displayed. Despite the high-end price tag, antler furniture is a worthy investment that celebrates nature and lends a distinctive touch to any home.


Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home

Youre finally going to do it! No I dont mean tie the knot, I mean your finally ready to buy that new furniture youve been dreaming about. We adorn our bodies with fashion which makes a statement about who we are. Your furniture does exactly the same thing for your house. Its your fashion statement for your home.

Heres some helpful tips on getting the most value for your money, and choosing furniture that will work with your home and your lifestyle. Youre friends will be green with envy when they see your new look.

First you need to know the size of the rooms you are going to be furnishing, right down to windows, and walls that might not work well. You can either purchase a piece of software that will help you design a cozy room or grab a pencil and paper and start sketching. If you have any original pieces you are keeping, then make sure to work them into your room plan.

Once youve decided what would look good where, and how large of furniture you can purchase, you need to set your budget. Decide how much money you are willing to part with and stick to it.

Once you know how much your going to spend youll be able to decide on the type of furniture. Determine the type of use the furniture will get.

Are you buying furniture for a family room or a living room? If your buying for a family room youre going to want to look at furniture thats built to hold up with high use. If your buying furniture for your living room, and its more of a show room then you might look at fancier, less functional furniture.

When deciding on the type of furniture also take into consideration your lifestyle.

Do you have pets that are going to claw or chew? Do you have small children?

Is your home air conditioned? Leather is a great example of a piece of furniture that looks good, but can be downright uncomfortable in the hot weather, unless you have air.

Once youve narrowed down what youre in the market for, make a list itemizing each piece youre looking for. Include sizes that will work, color preferences, all the fine details. Youd be surprised at what youll forget once you walk into the furniture store. Its easy to get distracted because of all the choices. But with list in hand youll be prepared.

Make choices that will last you for years. Dont choose trendy furniture that youll be tired of in six months. Furniture is a big investment, so keep your tastes in check and choose furniture that will look and feel good for years to come. You can add some trendy small ticket items such as vases or wall decor. Keep your furniture colors easy to work with. That way you will be able to do a room face lift just by changing out small ticket items, like pillows, ornaments, and wall art.

Once youve found that perfect piece of furniture, get physical with it. Check the construction of it, watch for low quality assembly. If you buying a couch or bed, sit on it, move around on it, see if it fits your body well. Check to see if you can feel springs, if the buttons are attached well, if the seams are finished properly. Dont take any piece of furniture at face value, get underneath and check the entire construction of it.

Once youve made your choices, all thats left to do is pay and wait for delivery. If you have old furniture in the room, its easier to dispose of this before the new furniture arrives. Prep the room, so that when the delivery guys arrive they can place the furniture where it belongs.

Stress free furniture shopping can be accomplished with just a little bit of pre- planning. Now all thats left to do is enjoy your new room!


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